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It is a specially prepared promo video material which takes into account the scouting viewpoints and shows in details the  achievements of the player in the football pitch, summarises his characteristics and abilities.
In this video not only the goals, the successful dribbling, the great passes and interceptions appear but all such abilities which are characteristical of the player’s position and from the valuation point of view can be useful to scouts.

For the preparation of the promo video material, at least three full match recordings are needed.

 PRICE:  80.00


The player’s  CV is made according to  the football crtiteria.

It is a necessary and essential part which shows the player’s profile and mirrors well his achievement.
It is an important viewpoint for a club to conclude quickly about a player whether he is appropriate and meets  the expectations.

The player’s CV contains the following information :
• General data
• Past results and achievements
• Statistics data
• Individual abilities

 PRICE:  30.00


Scout Report is such a valuation of a player when the scout makes a detailed analysis of a player’s abilities, characteristics and achievement using different parameters (physical/technical/tactical/mental). This way a real picture is given about the player based on which it is easy to predict the player’s actual/present level. The report contains all other necessary information and details which the scout noticed and are required for the player’s description.
The Scout Report gives an excellent basis for further development, because it points out the fields which are outstanding and the ones  which need further qualifications so that the player can become better and more outstanding in the football pitch.

 PRICE:  80.00




Develop your football skills and your style of play to make it more prominent and more successful on the pitch!
This option requires a kind of long-term cooperation based on mutual trust.
During the six-month period, we strive to get the best knowledge out of the player. We are constantly accompanying the player's form and are conducting consultations on a monthly basis for his development. We consciously build and correct the player's style for his position. We recommend tips and techniques for the player that he can easily incorporate into his game and thereby slowly, but consciously he will develop himself to increase his effectiveness.

Note: This service is available for a 6-month period.

 PRICE:  150.00 / valid for 6 months period 

PROMOTION • Presentation


With your permission, we will send the promotional material about you to our contacts and various clubs as well and promote you on our website and on various social sites. You only have the task of focusing on football and give the best on the field week after week. We will constantly work on, to show you as a promising player of the future for the important acters in the football industry who have not heard about you yet.
By following the transfer period, with your approval we can recommend you to clubs, scouts and agents.

Note: This service is available for 6 months but only if you have a promotional video and CV!

  PRICE:  €50.00 / valid for 6 months period 




As far as new challenges and opportunities are concerned, we offer a wide range of latest transfer requests from all over the world, including players' intermediaries / agencies, as well as clubs. We update these information on a daily basis and you have the ability to directly contact those who have publicly filed their request or shared them directly with us.

Young players can find information about trial games organized by professional clubs, academies or specialized agencies.

Note: This service is available for a period of 6 months and only if you are an active footballer and you can prove it after the order.
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  PRICE:  10.00 / valid for 6 months period 

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